Six bombs to find and no time. To make this omelette, you'll need to crack a few eggs.

This game was made for the Ben Bonk 2020 Game Jam, theme - Trust No One.

This made me think about the idea of police interrogation and lineups, which inspired the game. There's nothing that gives me more pleasure than surveying a room full of shady looking eggs with hats and moustaches.

I hope you enjoy it. I tried my best with the egg names, my personal favourite is "Oliver Eggsarefreerange".


Music purchased for use from AudioNetwork.

Hats, Moustaches and Ties purchased for use from VectorStock.


Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorTim Sheinman
Made withUnity
Tagsbritish, Funny, humour, Singleplayer, uk


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Nice simple game with a very cool Design. (:

Thanks! Did you also post a rating?

I can't vote...because i hasn't take part on this Jam. Thats why i leave comments on the games, which i played. To give some feedback (:

And you are very welcome, got any egg puns?


love it, nice font

Fun Game!

Cute Game !

(1 edit)

nice cute game if there was more variety of things and quests it would be awesome and also i liked the music it realy fits with the art style but much appreciate for you :D