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Really nice game.

One question was a bit confusing. Maybe I'm wrong but, with the current answer, the question should have been something like "he counted every nine in the house numbers" and not "he counted every house..."

Really enjoyed this. Found your site looking for Lucas Pope interviews on Youtube, watched your talk on LudoNarraCon.

Great and creative game. I got the perfect score, but one of the clues I kinda bruteforced. I probably am wrong about it, but my count from the 4th to the 5th was one short (hope this isnt a spoiler).

Nice one!

Love this. As much as I wish it were longer/more involved, I imagine the format makes that implausible. Lovely little game though.

I really enjoyed this I was sad it ended so soon, I would definitely buy a longer version.

Thanks very much, you may want to try my game Rivals!